WHAT IF … We told you what ReVIND can do for you thanks to its revolutionary concept?

“*The thoughts and opinions expressed in this video belong solely to Revind and not necessarily to Schaefer Systems International, Inc. SSI SCHAEFER is not affiliated with Revind.”


We presented you an innovative manufacturing concept?

ReVIND is a unique project which focuses on innovation and technology.


To offer a dozen manufacturers the opportunity to focus on their core business and increase their productivity by grouping together in an industrial cluster.


By sharing more than 50,000 storage spaces on the South Shore of Montreal in a 100% automated warehouse operated by conveyors!


We exposed ReVIND’s advantages?

Increase profit margins!

• Simple cost structure
• Transform fixed logistics and warehousing costs into variable costs
• Eliminate unnecessary transportation costs
• Reduce heating and cooling costs
• Option to rent or buy your factory

Save time and money!

• Become physically connected to your warehouse, your customers and your suppliers
• Decrease required factory space by 20 to 35%
• Preserve your autonomy
• Reduce delivery times
• Reduce the commercial product cycle from production to sale

Concentrate on your core business!

• Reduce needed production area and maximize production plant use
• Save on various expenses
• Eliminate the stress of managing logistics and warehousing
• Synergistic REVIND environment


We told you what ReVIND can do for you thanks to its revolutionary concept?

ReVIND can take care of your complete inventory management.

• Pallet storage
• Box storage
• Pick & pack and fullfillement
• Receipt / shipment of goods
• Reception / dispatch
• Photographs of your deliveries on arrival and departure
• More: unlimited automated transportation with the warehouse, at no cost

Check your inventory in real time with ReVIND

• Tracking statistics of your inventory
• Create dashboards to keep track of KPIs
• Shipping and receiving management
• Order preparation
• 24/7 Technological support
• Access your data through internet, at any time